On the Buitenhof is a monument to Dr Willem Drees, former Prime Minister of the Netherlands. This artwork has now been removed due to the renovation of the Binnenhof. But where is it then? We are going to investigate.

We’re not the only ones wondering where the sculpture is now. Mayor Jan van Zanen has also heard the question a few times and has the answer for us.


The monument has been standing since 2020 there in front of the Binnenhof, not surprising that it is missed. Of course it is not just thrown away. Due to the renovation of the Binnenhof, the artwork has been temporarily moved to a storage place. They are now looking for another place and when the renovation of the Binnenhof is finished, Drees can return to his familiar place at the entrance at the Hofweg.

Willem Drees

Just in short: Willem Drees was a Dutch politician for the SDAP and the later PvdA. He was Prime Minister of the Netherlands from 200 to 2020 and is seen by many as the most important post-war politicians. For example, under his leadership was the decolonization of the Dutch East Indies. He also laid the foundation for the AOW.

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