C ‘est la Vie (3 years old) likes a bite and a snack. This can be seen in her beautiful posture. She could audition for a part as Buddah. Not to mention her black and white panda fur. Wouldn’t you want such an animal at home?! C’est la Vie is in the shelter, but is still looking for a home, do you have a place for her?

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C’est la Vie is now in the shelter of the animal center in The Hague. Her caretakers have noticed that she enjoys going outside very much. Hopefully she can lose some of her extra pounds there. This is really necessary, because madame eats a bladder stone diet and there are quite a few calories in it.


C’est la Vie loves to play with balls, mice and a play rail with a ball in it. She can have hours of fun with that. This pretty ‘panda lady’ isn’t all that cuddly yet. But with time and some patience there is a chance that she will discover that a pet can be very nice every now and then.

Who offers her a nice enclosed garden or a spacious balcony, with lots of toys for entertainment? And do you have the patience and time to put C’est la Vie at ease?

Are you interested in adopting C’est la Vie? Mail to .

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