Do you need a new passport or driver’s license? Make sure you submit the application on time, because the waiting times at the Civil Affairs Department are long in many Dutch municipalities. This is apparent from research by the AD.

The average waiting time for a new driver’s license or passport is now one month, but in some municipalities it is much longer.

Refugees from Ukraine

In many municipalities, the long(er) waiting times arise due to the registration of Ukrainian refugees or questions about their situation. Other reasons are the postponed marriages due to corona, which are now being planned and questions about energy surcharge. Add sick reports and staff shortages and you have all the ingredients for long waiting times. But what about in The Hague?

Waiting times in The Hague

We are unlucky in The Hague , because the waiting time here is very long. It takes twelve weeks here before you have a new ID. According to the AD, more people will be deployed at the municipality in the coming period to shorten the waiting time a bit.

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