The Utrechtsebaan will be completely closed all day and night this weekend, so also for traffic entering The Hague. After that, that part of the highway is finished! Do not cheer too early, the work on the Utrechtsebaan (A10) has not yet been completed. finished. If you want to get out of the city, you still have to detour until June.

In recent months you could not leave The Hague via the Utrechtsebaan, but you could drive in. Everyone going into town was actually driving in the opposite direction. It was wrongly diverted over the lanes that are intended to drive out of the city. That will no longer be necessary from Sunday.


From Friday 8 April 22. hours until Sunday morning 10 April 05. hours all lanes of the Utrechtsebaan are closed. You can therefore not enter the city via the A10. After that, anyone who wants to go to The Hague can drive on the new road. You can also use exit 2 of the Utrechtsebaan again from Sunday.


Want to get out of town? Then you have to detour at least until June via, for example, the Rotterdamsebaan.

Detour Utrechtsebaan. Municipality of The Hague

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