The Public Prosecution Service spoke of luck that a cyclist survived a collision with a taxi bus in 812. He broke five ribs and was left with a collapsed lung, a ruptured spleen and bleeding in the brain. Taxi driver Hendrikus van W. drove through a red light. A community service order is demanded against him for this.

The taxi driver from Papendrecht had been working for the same transport company in the Drechtsteden for fifteen years. With a clean criminal record, he could be described as a neat driver, writes BN De Stem . However, this changed on December 1 812, when he had to take a customer to Rotterdam with his taxi bus.

Relyed on his navigation for the route, as he didn’t know all the roads in the city. At an intersection he therefore sorted in line with the directions to turn left. The customer then yelled at the bus from the back that it was better to drive straight ahead. The moment his left-turn light turned green, he looked next to him to see if the traffic ahead was still stationary. That light was still red. Still, he pulled up, moved up a lane, and drove straight on. Shortly afterwards, a hard collision followed.

No contact with the victim The driver stepped on the brake and found the cyclist seriously injured on the asphalt. It is unknown how the victim is doing now, two and a half years after the accident. The driver never contacted him, which he later describes as “quite negligent”. The victim wanted to make a statement, but the Public Prosecution Service was unable to reach him. The driver was present in court with his lawyer. He said he thought about whether it was better to drive straight ahead. The customer had been on site before and undoubtedly knew the route better, he stated.

However, the judge wondered why he did not immediately run a red light, but waited for the light to turn left. go green. The driver replied that the risk that traffic would then also drive straight ahead was smaller. The cyclist also ignored a red light. However, for the prosecutor of the Public Prosecution Service, this made no difference to the driver’s guilt. It was stated that he made a very serious traffic error and caused a life-threatening situation.

Penalty reduced Because the trial took so long, the officer has the sentence from 30 hours to 30 reduced community service hours. In addition, it is required that Van W. receive a conditional driving ban of six months with two years of probation. The officer does not want to take his driver’s license because he needs it for his work as a driver. He still works for the same transport company, which has also reimbursed all damage to the cyclist through the insurance. The verdict will follow on 30 April.

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