Do you work outside The Hague and do you have to return home by car or do you live outside the city and work here? Please note: the ANWB expects a busy evening rush hour. Maybe useful to give your boss a nice look and to go home earlier.

Due to the heavy wind gusts, a busy evening rush hour is expected. According to the ANWB, the first traffic jams are around half past four. The cycling association thinks it will get busy early, especially around Rotterdam and Eindhoven. It will probably be fixed soon on the A4 this afternoon.

Morning rush hour in The Hague

There is (probably) a lot of traffic jam during the evening rush hour; Thursday morning it was also fixed around The Hague. By the way, motorists were standing still throughout the country, because it was with 887 kilometer of traffic jam the busiest rush hour of the year.

Can’t you leave work sooner? View the current traffic situation on this map .

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