Published: 7 April 2022Modified: 7 April 2022

It can momentarily take longer for the underground rubbish containers (ORACs) to be emptied. This is due to illness among the employees of the Haagse Milieu Services (HMS).

Many of the drivers of the trucks which empty the underground containers are sick. These kinds of trucks can only be operated by specialised personnel. These specialists cannot easily be replaced.

Other types of waste on schedule Garbage bags, glass, organic waste and paper can be collected according to schedule. The appointments for the collection of bulky waste can also go ahead as planned. And the waste drop-off centres will still have their regular hours of operation.

Help to keep your neighbourhood clean The municipality is asking residents for their understanding and cooperation. Is a container full? Bring your garbage bag to the next container. Or try to keep it at home for a short while.


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