How do you lose a few pounds quickly and safely? The answer is fat freezing, where you see results after two months. The treatment is not painful, you can immediately continue with your daily activities and surgery to get rid of fat cells is not necessary. The best news is that you now receive a hefty discount on a treatment at De Huidkliniek: three treatments for the price of two!

We have already listed the facts and fables about fat freezing at De Huidkliniek
for you
. The treatment is not scary or dangerous at all.

It’s actually very simple: fat cells are cooled under the skin, after which these fat cells freeze and die. The dead fat cells are naturally removed by the

body. †

How fat freezing works

The first five to ten minutes there is sensitivity, after which the treated area feels numb from the cold and the sensitivity will disappear. After the treatment it is nice to wear loose clothing because the treated area may still feel numb.

The fat cells treatment are damaged, so are cleared by the body. This process can take four to twelve weeks, with the result becoming increasingly apparent. To achieve optimal results, skin therapists from De Huidkliniek advise you to undergo four treatments for the same area.

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De Huidkliniek

You can contact for many more things The Skin Clinic. There are passionate skin therapists who are ready for you every day. Whether you suffer from acne, pigmentation spots, wrinkles or unwanted hair growth: you’ve come to the right place. You always first go for a consultation where you get an extensive skin analysis. You will receive treatment advice based on your wishes, budget and the skin analysis.

After they have drawn up a complete treatment plan, they can tell you exactly what the costs will be. They will also tell you whether you are entitled to reimbursement from your health insurer. They also take this into account if you want to spend a maximum

amount. This way you will never be faced with unexpected surprises!

Have you become curious ? Schedule a non-binding 06155229 consultation appointment. If you would like to benefit directly from the fat freezing treatment with a hefty discount, click here. †

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