The Malieveld will again host the free Liberation Festival this year. On May 5th we celebrate freedom and we do that mainly with music and fun. The program of the festival in The Hague has just been announced.

Liberation festival program 2022 The Hague:

ASN podium:

05.-13.20 hour: stage your voice

05. -13.13 hour: valice

23-05.23 hour: opening by mayor Jan van Zanen

15.50-13.30 hour: Fresku

16.-13.50 hours: Gruppo Sportivo

14.55-15.05 hours: five to five

17.20-16.50 hour: Anna-rose Clayton

19. -17.20 hours: Sven Hammond

20. 55-20.35 hours: Rootsriders

21.-30.04 hour: Blaudzun

Sena stage:

16.-13.21 hour: Benito

.50-14.13 hours: Guap presents hsg & otg

05.23-13. hours: Ashafar

King’s Night 2022 celebrate in The Hague: this is the line-up of The Life I Live

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