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Published: March 2022Last change: 11 March 2022

The Municipality of The Hague organizes on Saturdays 19 March ‘World trip through our own city’. The World Tour takes place in the context of the International Day against Racism and Discrimination. On that day, more than 30 cultural, social and religious organizations in The Hague will open their doors for a visit and a chat. They also offer their own program of activities. You can take part in various city walks and guided tours, you can participate in various workshops and there are special exhibitions to admire. Diversity plays a role in all activities. With this initiative, the municipality wants to encourage its residents to talk to each other, so that there is more understanding for each other and prejudices are removed.

Alderman Arjen Kapteijns applauds that the World Trip is taking place again, after two corona years.

The Hague is a diverse city, where more than 200 nationalities live together , living and working. With the World Tour we celebrate our diversity and show that there is room for differences. Whether you’re new to the city or grew up here. We are curious about each other, are open to each other and talk to each other.A selection from the offerMore than 30 organizations are participating this year in the World Tour through their own city. Various religious organizations open their doors for a visit and a tour, such as the Mescidi Aksa mosque and Dew Mandir. You can also take a look at Vluchtelingenwerk, or participate in activities. For example, there is a tour through the studio of the Hip Hop Center in The Hague or a visit to the Sound and Vision exhibition about 30 years of Chinese migration and family stories. At Rukun Islam you will learn more about how Islam deals with death, and at Theater de Vaillant you can participate in a theater workshop. You can also take part in a city walk at various places in The Hague, such as the Schilderwijk. In short: a versatile afternoon in which you get to know the diversity of The Hague in a fun way.

Meeting place On the Grote Marktstraat – on the side of Het Spui – is the meeting place for the World Tour through your own city. At Alderman Kapteijns will festively kick off the World Tour, together with Rabin Baldewsingh, National Coordinator against Racism and Discrimination. Baldewsingh, former alderman, is the inventor and initiator of the World Tour through his own city. Everyone can pick up a program booklet at the meeting point and start the World Tour. Various organizations are also present here that are happy to talk about their work to combat racism and discrimination.

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