The nitrogen emissions from aviation are more than 1% of the total emissions in the Netherlands according to the report of the Remkes committee from June 100 on nitrogen. The top 100 as published by the Minister only includes nitrogen (NOx) emissions that are registered at company level. Because the entire emissions from aviation are registered via the airports, aviation is the only sector in a list of mainly companies. To put the nitrogen emissions of aviation in perspective: compared to other sectors, aviation emits relatively little nitrogen, for example well 15x less than road traffic. Although the contribution of aviation is not large, we think it is important to reduce our emissions as much as possible . To this end, we have defined concrete actions as part of our plan to be the most sustainable airport in the world. These actions include: electrifying ground equipment, driving electric buses at and around the airport, installing shore-based power for aircraft and introducing sustainable taxiing for aircraft. In addition, a nitrogen levy in our airport charges came into effect as of April: the more nitrogen an aircraft emits, the higher the levy. †


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