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Published: 05 March 2022Last modification: 11 March 2022

Alderman Anne Mulder today informed the city council of The Hague about the development vision for Laakhavens. It is a so-called Area Memorandum of Principles (NvU) that gives the municipality of The Hague the course for this area in the coming 20 years to develop. It is the first time that an NvU has been created for an entire area in The Hague.

Alderman Anne Mulder: ”Our city is growing. More and more people want to live and work in The Hague. That is why we are expanding our city. Not on the edge of the city, but between our 3 stations. The Laakhavens, near Hollands Spoor station, play an important role in this. About 9. homes will be built here, as well as new offices. What I think is important is that we also provide the associated facilities, such as new schools, shops, a park, play areas and recreational opportunities. This is how we ensure that it remains a pleasant place to live.” Densifying, connecting, greening & refiningThe Municipality of The Hague would like to develop Laakhavens into a lively part of the city where people enjoy living, working, studying and relaxing. The elongated area can be divided into four sub-areas. They are linked by the historical structure of the former port area, but they are characterized by their own dynamics that have developed over the years. This development vision builds on this and ensures a good balance between areas where many activities take place and places with peace and greenery.

The aim is to build thousands of homes for a broad target group. For example, attention is paid to (international) students and starters, transfer students, cohabiting couples, the elderly and urban families. The Little C development in Rotterdam is an inspiring example for the lower residential blocks in Laakhavens. In addition, the goal is to 30.000 m² small-scale business space. In the heart of the Laakhavens there is a desire to create a city park. The MegaStores will be transformed in phases, with part of it being demolished and replaced by housing. But the neighborhood shopping center for daily groceries and the home furnishings stores are returning to the area.

Participation Residents, entrepreneurs, developers and other stakeholders are involved in the elaboration of the development vision through various participation processes. With the adoption of the document, participation has not ended, but has only just begun. It is a process that will continue throughout development, even after the Laakhavens development vision has been adopted. Structural consultations with stakeholders about the further elaboration of sub-plan developments and designs for public space will start shortly.

Start process” The vision forms the starting point for the development process of Laakhavens, in which we do not impose a straightjacket on ourselves. We want to be agile in dealing with new challenges. In 20 years, our city changes, but also what we expect from the city. We have already received many reactions to the various plans. We will take those ideas with us and we will continue to work with them in the coming years,” said alderman Anne Mulder. †


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