Tasty and local: that is the meat that brother and sister Walter and Carla van Eijk proudly sell. They run the family business Slagerij Aad van Eijk in Voorschoten, which is famous for meat from its own cattle. If you order in the webshop , you will receive it the next day. “You can always come by for a nice slice of grilled sausage.”

There’s nothing like a good piece of meat, without added junk and hormones. You’re in the right place at Slagerij Aad van Eijk, which has been around for more than 50 years. This family business is known in the region for its passion for the meat trade. And the range is now gigantic.

Think of Black Angus bavette, Diamanthaas and Procureur. But you are also at the right place for a good Côte de Boeuf.

Fair life

Carla and her brother take their job deadly serious: they made that promise when they took over the business from their father. Carla: “You can still count on old-fashioned quality and taste here. But we have given the store a modern look. The grill sausage is still made according to my father’s recipe. This has since been awarded Gold by the international jury.”

Perhaps the best thing about Slagerij Aad van Eijk is the fact that they also sell meat from their own cattle in Voorschoten. Carla: “As a result, we sell the most beautiful and best meat packages with quality meat and meat products in our physical store but also in our online butcher’s shop . Our animals have had a good life and have plenty of time and space to grow. Not only is it more animal-friendly, the meat is also much tastier,” says Carla. The meat from cattle that the family does not raise themselves, they buy from well-known farmers in the area.

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To celebrate its fiftieth anniversary, the Van Eijk family released a cookbook aptly named ‘Meat the Family’. It contains no less than 50 family recipes of both Dutch and Finnish origin. It’s like this: “Our mother is from Finland and our father is from the Netherlands”, says Carla.

Next to the webshop is the door of the store at Van Beethovenlaan 13 in Voorschoten of course always open. There you can look your eyes at all the beautiful things on display. You can always ask for a slice of sausage: “Our grilled sausage is particularly popular”, according to Carla, who is also a fan of this delicacy.

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