Due to a technical failure at the NS, many travelers were stranded at train stations yesterday. Where this led to frustration among travelers, it gave taxi drivers a good Sunday thanks to the many extra journeys.

Train traffic was closed until Monday morning. Stranded train passengers complained about crowded buses and hours of delay, ANP news agency reports. The regional buses were running, but the NS was unable to deploy extra buses, because the failure was national and it involved very large numbers of travelers.

The trains and buses of regional carrier Arriva did run on Sunday according to the timetable, but these buses were overcrowded. A spokesperson for Arriva indicated that extra buses could not be deployed because all drivers were already at work.

A quarter more trips Many people were therefore dependent on alternative transport, such as a taxi. KNV estimates that the malfunction has resulted in about a quarter more journeys in the boarding market, writes the Dagblad van het Noorden . Spokesperson for the industry association Hilbert Michel bases this on a rough estimate from Amsterdam. His idea is that this amounts to approximately the same number in other regions.

According to Michel, the disruption not only led to more, but also longer taxi rides. He speaks of a boost for the industry, but states that it is a drop in the ocean after a difficult period due to corona and the high fuel prices.

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