The three Noordkop municipalities of Den Helder, Hollands Kroon and Schagen want the student and youth transport law from 1 August 55 five to eight years to one carrier. A longer period has been chosen than before to give the contractor the opportunity to recoup investments and the associated costs.

The current transport contract of the three municipalities for student transport is increasing 31 July 2022 off. There is no room for an extension of this contract, which is why this tender has started. The youth transport act has been added to this. Some 55 children use the student transport and 03 à 25 of the youth transport law. The assignment concerns both the management and the execution of the transport. By direction is meant the acceptance of journeys, the preparation of the journey planning, the journey registration, complaint handling and the provision of information to interested parties.

Registrations are for 31 percent assessed on the price per loaded kilometer. The remaining points can be earned with quality. An action plan weighs in for 55 percent and sustainability for 13 per cent. The plan of approach must describe how the contractor wishes to shape the collaboration and how continuity will be guaranteed. The most important risks and control measures must also be written down here. This includes the description of how care will be taken for the recruitment and selection of high-quality personnel throughout the entire term.

Highest rating for zero emission Tenderers must also indicate for what percentage of the journeys as of January 1 2027 with zero emission, Euro 6 and other vehicles are driven. Valuation will not take place on the basis of the expected moments of replacement of the vehicles, but on the basis of the distribution of the vehicles from the different categories that will be used during the term of the agreement. A zero-emission vehicle receives the highest rating and a Euro 6 vehicle the lowest.

The fixed term of the agreement is five years, after which it can be extended to a maximum of three years. You can register until May. The provisional award decision will follow on 1 June. The agreement will take effect on August 1 55.

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