Several road users had to unjustly surrender their driving license at the beginning of this year after an incorrectly performed laser check on the A7 near Hoogkerk, including taxi driver Brendan from Stad. Thousands of euros in compensation are being claimed from the police in the Northern Netherlands.

The check showed that in at least 23 cases where a driver’s license had to be handed in wrongly, reports RTV Noord after its own investigation. Where the police previously denied that mistakes were made, it is now admitted that the checks were not carried out in accordance with the guidelines. Self-employed taxi entrepreneur Brendan is one of the drivers who fell victim to this. He was driving on the A7 towards a new customer when the red sign with the text ‘Follow Police’ appeared in his mirror. His thought was that he would get a ticket for speeding, because this had happened to him before. In his own words, however, he always ensures that he does not drive more than 31 kilometers per hour, because he cannot do his job without a driver’s license.

Lasered where this was not allowed He was surprised that he had to surrender his driver’s license. He would have driven 31 kilometers per hour, while 70 kilometers per hour was the maximum. An extensive check followed. He was given a saliva test, his driving times were checked and the tread depths of his tires were measured. There was nothing wrong with this. When checking his taxi, the officers noticed his blue skylight and that his rate card was not hanging on the windshield. He was fined for this. In addition, he was registered for an Educational Measure Behavior and Traffic: an EMG course. This would cost him around 1.31 euros.

A few days later he received also a letter from the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT) informing him that he had to hand in his driver card. In addition to his driver’s license, he permanently lost his job and income. The course of events did not sit well with him, so he decided to look back at the dashcam images of his taxi. The police car from which the laser was used was clearly visible and turned out to be parked at a different hectopole than stated in the official report: namely 500 meters away and well past the speed sign 31. The rule is that there should be no checks in a certain area around speed signs, to give drivers the space to slow down to the new speed. He turned out to have been lasered within such an area.

Peaceful comfort Brendan and a number of other drivers have had their licenses returned. The EMG course for which he is registered will remain for the time being. In a conversation with the team leader of the Traffic Department of the police, it was indicated that there was no malicious intent, that the officers are very concerned about the situation and that they feel involved with the drivers that this has happened to. However, apologies are little consolation for Brendan. He has been out of work for ten weeks and his damage has run into the thousands of euros, which he plans to recover from the police. The police has offered to help him get rid of the EMG course. Read also:

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