If you are a real games fanatic, you will probably know the Spellenhuis on Torenstraat. Not only will you find all the board games you can think of here, there is also a board game café where you can play a game with a drink. Patrick ten Hoorn runs the shop and tips the games of the moment.

The store had to close during corona time, but more and more games were sold via the webshop. Patrick: “It was especially stormy with the games for two people. After all, many couples were at home together. A good game makes life a lot more fun.”

Luckily, the shop and the accompanying games café are open again and Patrick is ready to tell customers all about the latest games.

The coolest games right now

One of Patrick’s favorites is Exploding Kittens from Unbox Now . “A real partygame with a lot of tension. It is like the card game version of Russian roulette and it is very easy to learn and play with some friends. Even if they rarely play board games. Besides, this game will make you very cheesy.”

A game that is flying out the door right now is the Unbox Now game Hint. Patrick: “A super fun quiz, but much more modern with contemporary questions.” Also Unlock is popular according to the games expert. “In this digital game room you try to play together with the other players within the 60 minutes to escape, but this time you live the experience at your own table. A free app guides you through the different scenarios.”

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Thrills and fun

Board games are not only fun, but also encourage camaraderie, Patrick believes. “People still think too often about games like Risk or Triviant. There is now so much more on the market, the games from Unbox Now prove that.”

The audience that comes to the Spellenhuis and the accompanying games cafe is between and 18 years. Patrick: “I also invite other age groups to come and have a look. You just don’t know what you’re missing in excitement and fun together.”

Unbox Now

Unbox Now is the platform where you can find everything about the best board and card games for every occasion. Whether playing with your family or socializing with your friends, playing a game brings people together and provides unforgettable moments of fun, laughter and relaxation.

On Unbox Now you can discover new games, read informative blogs and find more information about these and other games. See a game you like? Then quickly find out where the game is for sale in your area.

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