The employees of the Animal Ambulance are used to something, but last weekend they were still surprised. They came across a true super duck, which survived a serious accident.

The duck went through the grill of an ambulance last weekend!


“Our fellow ambulance drivers called our emergency room from Haga Hospital. They had collided with a duck. And to their amazement, the duck was still in the ambulance, behind the grill!”, says the animal ambulance employee.

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Photo Animal Ambulance

The duck went through the front of the ambulance. The damage was clearly visible. Driver Dicky of the animal ambulance finally managed to free the duck from its cramped position with some puzzling and twisting. And again there was amazement, for he seemed to be in quite good shape.

The duck had a small wound on its leg and no other visible injuries. The ambulance was in much worse shape. “How is it possible? He went right through it and seems to have only one scratch left!”, said the surprised Dicky.

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Photo Animal Ambulance

Dicky brought the super duck to De Wulp bird shelter as a precaution. They were also impressed there. At first glance he looked good. They’re keeping him under observation for a few days to rule out internal bleeding or other obscure injuries. Then he can go his own way. Hopefully he stays away from ambulances!

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