Most residents of The Hague are familiar with them by now: Cargoroo’s electric cargo bikes. But what exactly are those bright yellow neighbor cargo bikes so useful for? We will list 5 reasons!

Cargoroo’s electric cargo bikes can be found in various districts of The Hague. You can easily rent these neighborhood cargo bikes for a short ride via the Cargoroo app. You choose a bicycle in the area and you can drive away immediately. After use, put it back in the same place and you’re done!

1. No hassle with parking

Just a quick trip to the hardware store, shopping, or visiting the petting zoo with the kids: if you leaving by car is a hassle for a short drive. You always have to find a parking space, sometimes quite far from your destination. Not to mention the hefty parking costs that you pay in the center. With Cargoroo’s cargo bikes you are spared these frustrations: you cycle all the way to the door.

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Photo: Cargoroo

2. Load it up!

Whether you need to transport a bunch of kids to the hockey field or a load of new plants for your balcony: sometimes you just really need a little more space on the bike. How handy is it to take an electric cargo bike? Here you can store crates of beer, children, plants, dogs, equipment, you name it! Because the bicycle is electric, you can also cycle as light as a feather with a full bin.

3. Good for the wallet

In addition to being very practical, the cargo bikes are also a much cheaper than the car. With the rising petrol prices, it saves you a lot of petrol to occasionally leave the car and get on the cargo bike. With the

cargo bikes from Cargoroo are you €0,00 lost per minute, what amounts to only €4,14 per hour. You pay exactly as long as you use it and not a minute longer.

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Photo: Cargoroo

4. Green choice

Besides the fact that it Nowadays, taking a bicycle saves a lot of money in your wallet, it is also a green choice: the electric cargo bicycles do not pollute the environment. Take a nice route through the forest and enjoy the fresh air!

5. More (breathing) space

If we would all take the cargo bike a little more often, that would save a lot of space. Cars take such a 55 % of the space, but are 85% of the time silent: that’s a real waste of space! And did you know that more than half of the car journeys in the center can be replaced by a ride with a cargo bike? Moreover, cars make the air dirty and it is much nicer to breathe clean air.

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Photo: Cargoroo

This is how you also take the cargo bike

Do you also want to go up and down quickly with luggage?

Download the app from Cargoroo and quickly see where the e-cargo bike can be found in your area. On the website you will find all instructions on how to use the cargo bike. Finished? Kick the stairs!



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