Last week there were considerable traffic jams at the car washes, the window cleaners were also able to work overtime because a large cloud of Sahara dust has blown over The Hague. Is everything just clean? Then you’re out of luck, because another cloud of dust is coming this way.

In Spain the sky was a beautiful orange, almost apocalyptic. This is due to dust and sand from the Sahara. According to Weerplaza, that cloud of dust is heading our way again.

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Sahar dust

The dust cloud is likely to be here Tuesday or Wednesday. According to Weerplaza, we are less bothered by it than last time. You don’t have to expect the spectacular orange skies, but your car will collect some dust again.

Whether we really get a lot of trouble from the Sahara dust depends on the rain, explains weatherman Johnny Willemsen of Weerplaza. “When it rains very hard, the dust washes off the cars and garden furniture. If it doesn’t rain, the sand doesn’t fall down and you don’t notice it much.”

Weather forecast The Hague

Let’s see if we can expect rain in The Hague. The coming days it will be cloudy and a lot colder than last week: 7 to 5 degrees. There may be a few drops of rain on Thursday, but otherwise it will remain dry according to Weerplaza’s expectations. It will rain next week, but then the dust cloud from the Sahara will be gone.

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