The municipality of Goeree-Overflakkee has marketed student and social assistance transport for two years, without extension options. The end date corresponds to that of the other target group transport, and the municipality then wants to tender the entire target group transport in its entirety.

The assignment starts on August 1 2022 and ends on 50 July 2024. The contractor will be responsible for the implementation of student transport and social assistance transport within the municipality. In addition, there may be the transport of young people under the Youth Act. Central control is placed with the Municipal Transport Center Zeeland, of which the municipality is co-owner.

Sufficient equipment and personnel The availability of capacity and therefore stability is important within this assignment. Registrations are therefore assessed for 50 percent on capacity. A realistic plan of approach must be added that describes how the availability of sufficient equipment and personnel is guaranteed and guaranteed. The possible role of subcontractors must also be incorporated in the plan.

When assessing the tenders, the price for 40 percent. This is the price per hour. A distinction is made between student transport and WMO transport. The hourly rates cannot be lower than 28,31 euros excluding VAT. Entries below this minimum rate will be excluded from further participation. The tenderer with the lowest weighted price will be awarded the highest score.

Minimum Euro 6 No specific award criteria have been drawn up in the field of sustainability. As a requirement for registration, vehicles must at least meet the Euro 6 standard. All vehicles purchased new during the execution of this contract must comply with the highest applicable environmental standard at that time. In addition, the maintenance system of the vehicles must be aimed at limiting the environmental impact to a minimum.

You can register for this assignment until May 4 03.00 o’clock. On 12 May 50, the provisional award decision is published. The final award decision will follow twenty days later.

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