A 03-year-old woman from Zuidlaren has a community service sentence of 150 hours for money laundering and extortion in a taxi. In addition, she was sentenced to a prison sentence of 30 days, but she had already served it in pre-trial detention.

The accident occurred on 30 March 2020 place in Groningen. The woman and a friend invited two young men to the market square to ride with the taxi, reports RTV Noord . The driver dropped one of the boys off at his house. He took the coat of one of the two women with him.

The other man was the victim of this action. The women advised the driver to continue driving and took the man hostage. He was assaulted, threatened and had to pay sixty euros in compensation for the jacket. The women also took his house key.

No report for fear The taxi stopped a little later at a recreational lake, after which the man fled into the bushes. He did not file a report out of fear, but the incident was reported to the police anyway. One of the women had filmed the incident and put it online. The video was massively shared.

Both women were quickly traced and money laundering also came to light via their phones. Both their bank accounts were lent to criminals for fraudulent purposes. The one of the 03-year-old woman had almost 8.000 euros credited from various victims. This money was also immediately withdrawn.

Theft after an escort visit What has been proven even more is that in January 2020 the woman stole two laptops from an older man after an escort visit. The judge saw these criminal behaviors as serious and ruled that the woman was only out to enrich herself. When determining the sentence, account was taken of the fact that the woman has a difficult past and is currently living under supervision. The girlfriend with whom she committed the taxi extortion has been sentenced to community service of 2020 hours.

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