Dear Nikita (8 years old) is looking for a good home. She has been staying too long in the shelter of the Hague Animal Center and no matter how well they take care of her there, she urgently needs a home.

When Nikita entered the shelter she was very scared. It has been worked on with patience and a lot of love. Although she has a lot of friends in the shelter, the fear of strangers has remained. If she doesn’t know you, everything is scary, but… if the ice is broken, she’d rather cuddle with you all day long.

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Dear, Dear Nikita, You came to our house a long time ago. A very energetic crossbreed with little confidence in the world. With your “just three years” in the bloom of your life. You have been staying with us for a long time. Now “suddenly” an older dog (not that you notice that 😊). Now that your sleepover and our search for your new home has been going on for a long time, we ask everyone with all our heart to share your video. The video that was made when you were allowed to stay for half a year with a sweet volunteer and her family. We hope that the video finds its way to your perfect house. A house without other pets, without small children, but with a very sweet patient owner or owners who really have the time for you.Do you share?

Posted by The Hague Zoo on Thursday, March 24,

Time is pressing

During her stay at the shelter, Nikita spent six months in foster care. It is a treasure of a dog, who is unlucky that she has not yet found her ultimate owner. And time is running out because although you may not notice her yet, she is now eight years old. She is quite energetic, but unfortunately doesn’t get along well with other dogs.

Do you want to give Nikita her last years a fantastic place in a home without small children or other four-legged friends. Are you aware that the ice has to be broken little by little and that you will have to come back several times before she (if a good match) can go home? Do you have a huge dose of patience and a heart full of love? Don’t you mind that she doesn’t get along well with other dogs and that she needs diet food because otherwise she will suffer from skin problems? Send an email with your details (family/living situation, name and telephone number) to

Nikita and her caretakers are waiting with sorrow!!

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