Hatch! Yes really. It is very possible that you are already suffering from your hay fever. We have a warm start this year and the birches are already blooming. Little rain is expected, so the pollen keeps swirling around for a long time.

There are plenty of ‘infamous places’ in The Hague when it comes to hay fever complaints . The Zuiderpark is skilfully avoided, as is the Palace Garden. If you would like to sit there for the next few weeks, you’d better take your medication.

Hay fever

On the hay fever radar you can see the status of the pollen. The Hague is turning orange this week, which means that you can suffer from hay fever quite a lot.

Tips against hay fever

Burning eyes, a dry throat and a stuffy nose: hay fever is no fun. According to Thuisarts.nl it is unfortunately not curable. Fortunately, the health platform has some tips:

  • stay indoors and close windows if there is a lot of pollen ;
  • wear sunglasses when you go out;
  • do not mow the grass yourself;
  • do not hang laundry outside;
  • rinse your nose with a saline solution.

We have also heard that local honey helps against hay fever. That honey contains the pollen to which you are allergic.

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