The sun is shining so that’s the perfect time to bring spring into your home! The warm winter colors out and the fresh, cheerful colors in. Lindsey from Atelier Cocotier on the Van Brakelstraat has a few simple tips for you on how to turn your home into a spring paradise. And pssstt.. Saturday 16 March is here 10 percent discount on the entire range to celebrate the first weekend of spring!

Fresh flowers

“One of the easiest ways is to have a beautiful bunch of flowers! I love to take a walk, get a coffee and take home a beautiful bunch of fresh flowers,” Lindsey says. “My favorite is the Au Petit Pont flower stall on the Mauritskade, such a romantic spot. I personally like a large vase with all kinds of different flowers in it. Put your flowers in a pearl of a vase and you immediately have an eye-catcher on the table.”

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Photo: Atelier Cocotier

A rainbow of candles

“Light a lot of colored candles and you immediately give a room atmosphere. I burn candles every day and like to alternate with colors and candlesticks. The candles I sell in the shop are made locally in The Hague and burn very nicely without dripping. You can choose from 16 different colors, but for now I would definitely go for the bright colours: bright pink, lime, peachy, lilac, turquoise and mimosa yellow.”

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Use lighter fabrics

“Swap the heavy furry cushions and throws for lighter fabrics such as cotton and linen. That immediately gives a summer feeling! I like to combine neutral tones with a touch of color. For example, sand tones with olive green and light blue or beige with orange and pink tones. With other cushions you immediately give the sofa a completely new look.”

Photo: Atelier Cocotier

Happy glassware and crockery

“Turn your table into a pastel-colored paradise full of snacks and drinks served in colored glassware and crockery. In the store we have all kinds of glassware with cheerful confetti dots in different colors, but also amazing water pitchers and champagne coupes that are mouth blown. You can also contact us for colored cups, bowls, dishes and spoons. Very nice to set your Easter table with later.”

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Spring is in the air

“Scents do wonders! In addition to luxury scented candles, I also sell Moroccan amber cubes in different scents in the store. Besides the ‘classic’ amber scent, I really like the scents ‘patchouli bamboo’, ‘limoncello’ and ‘pure jasmin’. Place a block on a nice dish in the hall or bathroom and it immediately smells delicious. The cubes have a pretty strong smell, but as soon as you notice that it decreases a bit, you can scrape something off so that the smell blooms again.”

There is of course a lot more beautiful things in Lindsey’s shop, from tea light holders and candlesticks to tea towels with beautiful prints. Take a look at the webshop of Atelier Cocotier, take a look at the Instagram page or pay a visit to the shop on the Van Brakelstraat.

Come your next Saturday 16 March by the shop? Then you get a ten percent discount on the entire range! †

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