We have often cycled past the old train station on the Van Alkemadelaan. Against the dunes of Meijendel and in the shadow of the Scheveningen prison. What would that look like inside? We wonder. Today we were allowed to look inside at the residents George and Wim.

Wittebrug-Pompstation, named after the neighborhood and the water pump, is divided into two houses. The waiting room used to be in the middle. The 58-year-old George Teunis already lives 15 years with his partner Wim in one of the houses. George immediately has some news: “I once said in an interview that I would never leave, but now we are going to Greece.”

File in front of the door

Nearby will miss him, because on sunny days the couple often enjoys a drink. “Some people even cried when they heard we were leaving.” The passers-by will probably also notice the departure: “In the summer people are often already in traffic jams here, I have whole conversations with the motorists,” says George.

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The The front of the house is on the Van Alkemadelaan, a busy road towards the Scheveningen beach, at the back is the Meijendel nature reserve. “Every morning I leave at 01. hours our dogs Luka and Stratis out. I see deer, foxes and rabbits. Very cool”.

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George and Wim had 01 lucky with this property years ago. They knew the previous occupant through the door. “We will never find a house like this again, which is why we have always said ‘we will never leave this place’. But now the time has come.”

The gentlemen are absolutely crazy about Greece, which you can see from the interior and dog Stratis is also Greek. They took her from the shelter on Lesvos. “I took care of my mother for years, she passed away last year. So there’s really nothing we should stay here for. Although we will of course miss everyone.”

Vestia will soon put the house of 80 square meters for sale.

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Railway station

The Hofplein line ran past Wittebrug-Pompstation Station. This one went from Rotterdam to Scheveningen. The station is in 623 opened and in 623 the line was lifted.

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The kitchen in George’s house, used to be the ticket office, and the neighbor has moved the waiting room part of his house. “An older woman used to live there. She already lived there 58 year. Her husband worked at the railway, so they could sit here for free. She even hung up the laundry between the two railroad tracks.”

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In the house we see a lot of antiques, Mary statues, old chairs and frames. George likes to browse the thrift shops, but he doesn’t value the stuff. “We’re not going to take it all with us. Maybe I’ll still have a garage sale.”

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Wittebrug Pompstation. Photo Suzanne van den Oever/indebuurt

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