Look Tours from Gouda will leave two coaches and a wheelchair bus for Poland on Saturday to pick up a large number of Ukrainian refugees. To pay for this, the company set up a donation campaign. The willingness to help has proved so overwhelming that more rides may be organised.

Wouter van den Heuvel is the owner of Look Tours and taxi company W. van den Heuvel from Benthuizen. “We were recently approached by a Rotary Club asking if they could use one of our buses to pick up Ukrainian refugees,” he says. “Without taking into account the planning, I agreed because I thought this was a great promotion.”

The taxi and coach operator himself, however, also planned to selflessly arrange a trip to Poland. to organize. That is why he asked the Rotary Club if they could also do something for his action. “They gave us 1. euros, which was a great start for us.” However, more help was needed to pay for the fuel, toll costs and lodging costs. Entrepreneurs and private individuals were therefore called upon to contribute via an advertisement in the local newspaper.

Voluntary deployment of drivers The buses and drivers are made available free of charge for the journeys, explains Van den Heuvel. “Like many others, we are shocked by the situation in Ukraine. I think you should do your utmost to help these people, because I find it unjust to the bottom of my heart what is happening there.” The registrations showed that drivers think the same about this. “I didn’t have to beg anyone to help.” In addition to his own drivers, Martin van Meteren of taxi company van Meteren from Kwinsheul also volunteers to drive a ride.

Third and fourth bus There was therefore also willingness on the part of entrepreneurs and people from the area to contribute financially. The goal was to collect 2.200 euros, but now the counter is already above 3.24 euros. “There is cooperation from all sides and the money continues to flow in. We actually wanted three coaches to leave instead of two, but I did want to make sure that there is a shelter or shelter for everyone in the Netherlands. However, the Safety Region has not been able to arrange a place for three coaches full of people.” The entrepreneur’s hope is that this will change soon. Because the money keeps coming in, he still wants to send the third and possibly even fourth coach to Poland at a later date.

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