At the request of the Social Fund Mobility, Panteia has calculated the consequences of sharply rising fuel prices on cost developments in healthcare and taxi transport. Based on initial calculations, a higher NEA index seems inevitable this year if fuel prices do not fall substantially. KNV calls on clients and transporters to take action before the new indexation takes effect.

Panteia has calculated three scenarios on an annual basis with different fuel prices. Other cost developments such as wages, depreciation and insurance have not yet been included in these calculations. The first scenario assumes fuel prices that will remain more or less at current levels throughout the year (plus 36 percent), in the second scenario, fuel prices increase by 25 percent and in the third scenario, fuel prices increase by 45 percent .

This shows that the cost developments of fuel respectively an increase of the NEA index of 3.9 percent, 2.2 percent or 5.6 percent. Based on the average over the last six years, fuel prices normally account for a 0.2 percent increase in the NEA index.

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NEA index calculation based on the three scenarios. Henk van Gelderen, director of the Social Fund Mobility, states that clients should therefore take into account a high NEA index. “Not only because of the explosive rise in fuel prices, but also because of inflation and the pressure on wages due to the increasing staff shortage. The NEA index will be announced in October. The reason for this interim announcement is that clients can take into account the consequences of the cost increase for their budgets in good time.”

for an allowance KNV chairman Bertho Eckhardt states that the sector organization already sees taxi companies in the here and now be confronted with the high fuel costs. This while, according to him, they often cannot calculate this or only when the NEA index is implemented. “Until then, they have to finance these higher costs themselves, and that leads to problems,” said the chairman. “We therefore call on clients and carriers to enter into discussions with each other to see what can be done before the NEA indexation takes effect.” According to him, if there are any possibilities for compensation, they should be used. “Because, as Panteia’s research shows, rising fuel prices are having a major impact on the sector.”

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