The aviation sector, FNV (on behalf of the trade unions), central government and knowledge institutions are starting a joint approach for the emission of ultrafine particles and local air quality at Schiphol. The parties jointly focus on conducting research and implementing solutions.

We work via two tracks: researching, developing and implementing solutions and setting up and having exposure research and health research among employees carried out. The solutions and research are reviewed by a validation committee of scientists with expertise in the field of work and health.

Independent chairman
The parties from the aviation sector, together with FNV and the central government monitor progress and necessary actions to improve local air quality in an advisory committee. The advisory committee will be led by an independent chair who has yet to be appointed.

Ultrafine particles action plan
The aviation sector has been working on increasing sustainability and creating a good workplace. Reducing all emissions, including ultrafine particles, is crucial in this regard. Schiphol, together with the aviation sector parties, has been working for some time to reduce emissions of (ultra) particulate matter on the basis of the action plan on ultrafine particles 2019. Much has therefore already been improved on and around the platforms through electrification. For example with electric buses, electric pushback trucks, shore power and electric generators.


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