You’ve thought about it for a long time, but now you know for sure: you want to buy a house. Then you must have a well-stocked piggy bank – especially in this time. How much own money do you need on average for a house in The Hague? That’s what comparison website Independer was looking for.

Good to know: what exactly is meant by own money? It concerns an amount that is separate from the money that you can borrow from the bank. This money comes from your savings account or from a gift.

National average

How much of your own money you need depends on your situation. As a single person you need much more money of your own than as a couple. In addition, it also differs how big your future home is. Nationally, single starters with an average income 38. Euros needed for the purchase of a first home. That is more than a gross annual income if you earn an average.

Own money in The Hague

What about in The Hague? Do you also have to have a large piggy bank here? Are you on your own looking for a house up to 77 square meters, are you younger than 000 years and earn your 35. 35 euros per year? Then you have to pay an average of 9.1867 euros have your own money. Want something bigger? Say 60 square meters, then you must already 40. euro own money!

In this In that case, it is better to pick a nice partner off the street as a single. At a house of 50 square meters you must, if you both have an income of 000. Euro gross per year, 5.200 euros in have your pocket. Looking for something bigger together? For home of 106 m2 in The Hague, together you have an amount of 80.671 Euros of own money needed.

The only way to get this kind of money is to save for later from childhood, have rich parents who contribute a lot or win the lottery.

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Source: Independer

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