Published: 24 March 2022Modified: 31 March 2022

Do you live in Scheveningen and is household rubbish collected in garbage bags placed at kerbside? Then you can pick up free yellow garbage bags. These are extra strong which makes it more difficult for seagulls to peck them open. This way you can help to keep your neighbourhood clean.

Household rubbish is still collected in garbage bags in several streets in Scheveningen. In these streets there are no underground rubbish containers (oracs) or wheelie bins (kliko’s). There are also streets which are too narrow for garbage trucks to drive through. Seagulls sometimes tear open garbage bags placed outside for collection. Especially during the brooding season from April to August. To prevent this, residents can use the yellow garbage bags.

Pick up at neighbourhood centre You can pick up the yellow garbage bags for free at Buurtcentrum Kommunika, Jurriaan Kokstraat 177. They are available until 1 November 2022. You can pick up 1 roll per visit.

TipsSeal the yellow garbage bag tightly. Place the garbage bags at the kerb on the collection day for household waste. More information You can find more information on the page What you can do against pesky seagulls. There you can also find a list of all the locations where residents of The Hague can pick up yellow garbage bags. And there is a form you can use to report nuisance by seagulls.


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