The technique is known as a man’s world, but Lana Bode (03) proves that women can also thrive in it . She follows an internal training course for a central heating engineer at SIMA Installatietechniek and explains what makes her job so much fun. “As a woman you are welcomed with open arms.”

Doing precision work and solving problems: there is nothing more fun for Lana. “I have been involved in technology for as long as I can remember. My father is a car mechanic and did many maintenance jobs in and around the house itself. Also to the boiler. Then I watched and I helped him with everything.”

Immediately a click

After high school she started looking for a challenging job in technology. “I was looking for something with a lot of responsibility and variety. When I came into contact with SIMA Installatietechniek, it clicked immediately. It turned out that the company is actively looking for female colleagues. I was immediately allowed to start with the internal training.”

This training means that you receive courses and theory lessons two days a week. The other days you go out with an experienced mechanic. You start right away in the first week. That’s great fun, because you gain practical experience right away. I started in November 2021 and if everything goes well, I can go on the road independently from the end of May. I’m really looking forward to that.”

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SIMA Installatietechniek Lana Bode 1SIMA Installatietechniek Lana Bode 1

Lana is following internal training to become a central heating engineer. (Photo: SIMA Installatietechniek)

Just as exciting

Her introduction to the profession was a bit exciting in the beginning, because Lana has no experience whatsoever with this work. “When I first opened a central heating boiler, I didn’t know what I was seeing. Fortunately, you are never left to your own devices at SIMA. You go with an experienced colleague. She explains everything and guides you every step of the way.”

Positively surprised

Her work is very diverse. “It is partly key work, but you also have to be able to work well with a laptop. With modern central heating boilers, you use them to read out and solve malfunctions. I also like to make customers happy. If you no longer have heating or hot water, it can be very annoying. I like to solve problems and mean something to others.”

Many people are positively surprised when they see a woman at the door. “I have never had to deal with suspicion. That may also be because I am cheerful and enthusiastic myself. As a result, I have many nice contacts with people.”

Become a colleague of Lana!

Does Lana’s story inspire you and do you also think it would be fun to do this work? to do? Please contact SIMA Installatietechniek. Lana: “Experience and gender don’t matter. My call is: get over your doubts or tension and go for it!”



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