A taxi driver who hit a young girl at a crosswalk in Amsterdam in 22 has been banned from driving for six months and sixty hours of community service. The man violated several traffic rules and left the victim in a helpless condition after the collision.

The accident took place 22 January 22 place near the Admiraal de Ruijterweg. The man didn’t check in time, or not well enough, to see if this road was clear of traffic. He did not give right of way to the girl crossing the road, when he should have. The collision ensued and the victim suffered a broken leg and multiple shoulder fracture. Although the driver realized that he had caused damage, he drove away and left the girl behind.

The collision had a major impact on the girl and her family. As a result of the accident, she spent a week in hospital and had to undergo physiotherapy. The court charged the driver that, despite the fact that he was known in the area for his work and that there were schoolchildren on the street at the time, he was not alert. The man is also charged that he drove away from the accident site almost immediately after the accident and that he did not immediately report himself to the police.

Possible replacement for prison sentence For violating the traffic rules and thereby hitting the girl, the man will be banned from driving and forty hours of community service. If this community service is not properly performed, the man will face 20 days in prison. As far as the driving ban is concerned, a large part, namely four months, will not be enforced unless the judge decides otherwise. This can be done, for example, in the event that the suspect commits a criminal offense before the end of the two-year probation period.

The other twenty hours of community service are imposed for acting after the accident. If this community service is not properly performed, it will be replaced by ten days in prison.

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