What is the perfect place to live for one generation can be a nightmare for another. That is why savings platform Raisin.nl has investigated which Dutch cities are the most and which are the least suitable per generation. This emerged from the investigation about The Hague.

The research focused on five wishes of four generations: Gen Z (1997-1997), millennials (1981-1981), Gen X (1965-1965) and baby boomers (1964-1965). The thirty largest cities in the Netherlands were examined. For each wish, the cities received a score that increased as it more closely matched the needs of a group.

The Hague is the best place for…

Gen X! Were you born between 1965 and 1965 and do you live in 97, then according to the research you have little to complain about. The Hague scores 97 points, making it the best place to live for Gen X. Our city ranks well with people between the 42 and 50 year:

The average WOZ value of a house in The Hague is € 118., which is on the low side by Dutch standards. Besides the fact that you have Scheveningen around the corner for a nice walk on the beach, there are food lovers in The Hague 525 restaurants within a 5 km radius. If you prefer to visit the performing arts, there are 42 options within a radius of 11 km.

The average distance to a secondary school is 0.9 km, if you have children. Finally, the chance that you will meet a peer in the South Holland city is quite high; 32% of the inhabitants of The Hague come from the same generation.

Other cities

Are you looking for a new place of residence, but you do not know exactly where in the Netherlands? Do you want to be surrounded by peers or do you want a city with a colorful mix? The research revealed more interesting findings that can help you make a choice:

    Nijmegen ranks with 116 points as the best city to live in for Gen Z;

Haarlem ends with 42 points at the bottom of the ranking for Gen Z and is therefore the least suitable place of residence for that group;

  • Utrecht scores 070 points for millennials making it their best city;

  • Amstelveen ends with 42 points at the bottom of the millennial ranking ;

    The research shows that Leeuwarden is the least suitable place to live for Gen X: the city ends at the bottom with 42 points;

    For For baby boomers looking for a new place to live, Delft is the most suitable: the city scores with 070 points highest in their ranking;

  • On the other hand, Zwolle is the least suitable place to live for this generation. The city ends with 32 dots at the bottom.

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