The start of a new year is often the moment when a company makes an inventory of the costs. Mario van Emrik, owner of Mario’s Cab, saw a few years ago how mainly taxi insurance was a major cost item for his company. He thought it was time for a change and saw the price of his insurance halve in a short time.

He is clear about what made the difference for the change. “The decisive factor is always the price. I’ve been in the taxi world for six years now and when I started insurance was still offered for a friendly price. The costs have increased over the years.” He went looking for another insurer, but that was initially unsuccessful. “What was offered to me was even more expensive than what I already had.”

Van Emrik continued to look for an alternative for his taxi insurance and this ultimately worked out positively. “Now I have found an insurance policy that gives me more than half the benefit,” he says. “I saw a Traksi commercial and started to inquire about how this works. This showed that the price was attractive enough to start with and in fact it has only gotten cheaper. This is in your own hands, because your driving style determines the amount of your policy. That suits me very well.”

Driving behavior technology and cameras To measure the driving behavior of drivers, Traksi uses of a so-called ‘black box’ that is built into the insured taxis. Although a better driving style reduces the costs of the premium, Van Emrik hardly had to adjust his driving behaviour. “I drive for 80 percent on cruise control and actually always stick to the speed limit. I only used to drive sporty in corners. However, in Traksi’s app, I saw that it gave me negatives. That’s the only thing I changed then,” he says. “I also drive in dark green, as it is called by Traksi. This is about the highest score and I’m very happy with that.”

In addition to handling technology, Traksi also uses cameras. This was nothing new for Mario’s Cab. “I’ve always driven around with a dashcam. In the past I unfortunately had a small conflict in the taxi and the dashcam really proved its worth at that time. So I can only emphasize that you should always drive with a dashcam. You can prove otherwise with that camera, if necessary. Traksi’s cameras work the same way and are rear-facing and forward-facing.”

Transporting Occupants Safely Van Emrik sometimes gets comments about his driving style from passengers. “People sometimes ask me if I can’t drive faster. They are used to the fact that taxi drivers often maintain a higher speed.” However, he does not let this affect his driving behavior and the discount he earns with this. “For me it’s about getting everyone safely from A to B.”

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