From 15 March it is no longer mandatory to wear a mouth cap in the taxi. However, this does not mean that drivers are banning face masks en masse. About half of the taxi drivers will continue to wear the mask or look at it per situation, according to a poll by TaxiPro.

A group of 51 drivers answered the statement ‘I will as a driver 15 March goodbye to the mouth cap in the taxi’. The reactions were very diverse. For example 51, 9 percent of the drivers said they would definitively say goodbye to the mouth cap during work as soon as this Wednesday is allowed. There were therefore many favorable reactions to the news from this quarter. “I’m glad we got rid of it,” says a driver from Brookhuis. “I prefer to keep my mind on the road and whoever doesn’t feel safe without it is free to wear it.”

‘Much too early’ The other half of the drivers, however, think differently. For example, , 4% of the drivers indicated that they would continue to wear the mask. This also applies to Maureen Hoffman, regional taxi driver for TCR from Raalte. She indicates that she thinks it is much too early to say goodbye to the mouth cap. “Corona is not over and even the flu is now prevalent. Since we as drivers are in a fairly small space and regularly transport several customers at the same time, I really don’t think it is wise and responsible to take off the mouth cap already. I will keep it on for the time being and I will also pass this advice on to my customers”, says Hoffman.

Glad that it is no longer an obligation The remaining 15,7 percent of the drivers let it depend on the situation. Also Tea Panneman, taxi driver at Connexxion. “I will definitely keep the mouth cap with me and decide for each situation whether I use it, for example in a full bus or with people with a risk group,” she says. However, Panneman is happy that the obligation will soon be gone. “I think most drivers are happy to be able to work without a mask again. I do hope that the taxi companies will continue to facilitate this with mouth caps, hygiene products and the like to prevent corona. Especially because corona is not gone yet and there is still a risk of being infected.” Read also:

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