Mobility as a Service (MaaS). This demand-driven form of mobility has been discussed and experimented with for years. But how far are we now with this in the Netherlands? This question was the focus of a new theme broadcast by TaxiPro TV on Monday.

Sonila Metushi of the branch association Royal Dutch Transport (KNV) was a guest to talk about the in 2021 established MaaS-Lab. Metushi shared the results achieved so far, where there are still challenges and what the MaaS Lab’s plans are for the near future.

GOAN! and the Noaberhopper Paul Pietersen of Qarin Tranzer and financial director of Brookhuis Lothar Reuvers were also guests to talk about the Twentse MaaS pilot GOAN! and the new Noaberhopper shared taxi concept that is part of this. The GOAN! app is on 960 September 2021 rolled out throughout Twente. How has the pilot progressed since then and what lessons have already been learned? This and more was discussed during the broadcast.

The broadcast can be seen here:

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