The 9-year-old black male ‘Cowboy’ looks very impressive, but he is actually a hero in socks. When he just arrived at the Haags Dierencentrum he was very scared, luckily Cowboy loves food.

Cowboy has lived on the streets for a long time because he was abandoned during a move. Local residents fed him until it got really cold and too wet and the Animal Ambulance took him to the shelter. Upon entering, they immediately knew where he was hiding, by the constant hum that came from behind his blanket. A new space, different cats, strange smells. He thought it was all very scary.

No fuss

Fortunately, Cowboy loves food. With this, the caretakers were able to slowly help him out of his shell. Now Cowboy is ready to wait behind the door meowing. He follows you with a high tail. With fast movements he is still startled and can then blow. He will pick himself up again and then wait impatiently for his tasty kibble (he has special kibble for his bladder).

We can pet him during dinner, but there is not much interest in a hug. He would rather just be present, without too much fuss. As a result, he can sometimes give a stroke if he is startled by the approach. Possibly he could appreciate a pat on the head in the future, but just being present and chatting is enough for him.

A place of his own

Cowboy has already taken us in his heart with his soft meows and high tail. The animal center is looking for a place for him where he will be respected. Where, after a few weeks of getting used to it, he can stroll through the garden and in the evening he can stretch out on the couch after his food.

Are you interested in adopting Cowboy? Mail to

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