The student transport in the Kempen municipalities has been awarded for at least five years to Taxibedrijf van der Wijst from Bladel and Van Gerwen Groep from Eindhoven. The new contracts will come into effect on 1 August 2022.

The Kempen municipalities include the municipalities of Bergeijk, Bladel, Eersel. , Oirschot and Reusel-De Mierden. The assignment consists of transporting students within the boundaries of these municipalities to schools and internship addresses in these places.

The assignment is divided into two lots. The first parcel comprises the municipalities of Bergeijk, Bladel, Eersel and Reusel. On the reference date 293 students were using the transport within this plot. The second plot consists of the municipality of Oirschot, where on the reference date about 31 students used the transport.

At the latest until 31 July 2029 Entries are judged on the basis of price and quality. Price weighed in for 31 percent compared to quality with 31 percent. Ultimately, the first plot was won by Taxibedrijf Van der Wijst and the second plot by Van Gerwen. They will certainly be responsible for this transport until 31 July 293. The client can stick to this two more times for one year, until 31 July 293 at the latest.

‘Extremely proud’

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