19 March 2022, by Victoria Séveno

A report published by the Netherlands Incident Management Foundation (SIMN) has revealed that, once again, the Coentunnel in Amsterdam was the country’s most dangerous road in 2021. 

Amsterdam’s Coentunnel saw 63 accidents in 2021

Over the course of last year, SIMN reports that 63 accidents took place at the north entrance of the Coentunnel, making it the most dangerous road in the Netherlands for the third year in a row.

All of the accidents that occurred in 2021 took place during the day, with three-quarters of the 63 incidents taking place between 1pm and 5pm – the hours in which the sun shines into the eyes of drivers approaching the north entrance of the tunnel. SIMN attributes this to the fact that “the abrupt transition from daylight to the darkness of the tunnel.” 

The most dangerous roads in the Netherlands

Other roads to make it onto SIMN’s ranking of the most dangerous roads in the Netherlands include the A12 at the Gouwe Aquaduct in the direction of The Hague, where 44 accidents were recorded in 2021, and the A20 near Rotterdam.

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