Over the past three days we have voted for who will get a place in the Hague city council. The result is known, but what now?


As with the elections to the House of Representatives, the largest parties together form a coalition. Only those are not always just the largest parties, because not everyone wants to work together. That is still a thing in The Hague.

Heart for The Hague of Richard de Mos and Rita Verdonk has won the most seats: 9. Then come D66 (8) VVD (7) and GroenLinks (5).

The Hague branch of D66 does not want to cooperate with Hart voor Den Haag (Groep de Mos), as long as there are accusations from the Public Prosecution Service, according to our colleagues from the AD. Party leader Richard de Mos and two candidate councilors from his party are suspected of corruption, bribery and participation in criminal organizations. GroenLinks also does not want to work with De Mos.

So it will be difficult to form a coalition. You can read more about the possibilities at the AD. Hopefully the parties will work out soon.

Day-to-day management

When the parties have settled, they jointly determine a program for the coming 4 years. The executive board will continue to implement this.

This is what they will do

The first thing that the municipal councilors will deal with is the composition of a college of Mayors and Aldermen and the appointment of those aldermen. Together the daily management. The largest municipalities can have a maximum of nine aldermen.

The mayor is the chairman of that executive committee, he is appointed by the government. Once all this has been arranged, the aldermen will start working on the coalition plan and the municipal council will check whether it is all being implemented properly.

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