Published: 18 March 2022Modified: 21 March 2022

Do you have items you would like to get rid of? Turn them in for free during the clean-up days (opruimdagen). Items which can still be used will go to secondhand shops and bulky waste will be disposed of properly. Read where and when the clean-up days are. Will you also take part?

When and whereThe clean-up days will be held on Tuesdays from 17.00 to 20.00 hrs. from 29 March to 28 June 2022. Look at the schedule for a clean-up day in your neighbourhood:

Date Street City district 29 March Kamperfoelieplein Segbroek 5 April ’t Hofbad car park, Ypenburgse Boslaan 30 Leidschenveen-Ypenburg 12 April Haringkade, by playground Scheveningen 10 May Soestdijksekade, by Loenensestraat Escamp 17 May ’t Hofbad car park, Ypenburgse Boslaan 30 Leidschenveen-Ypenburg 14 June Ametisthorst Haagse Hout 21 June Goeverneurplein Laak 28 June Delftselaan 12 Centrum Items you can turn in on the clean-up daybulky waste (such as furniture, household items, boards, boxes and large pieces of glass)items for the secondhand shop (kringloop)old bicyclessmall electrical appliances (appliances with a plug or battery which are not larger than about 50 centimetres. Examples: mixers, vacuum cleaners, irons, toys, radios and TVs, computers and printers, video players, tools, telephones and chargers, lighting, music, smoke detectors, clocks and watches)domestic chemical waste (such as paint, light bulbs and batteries)Belangrijke informatie: You cannot get rid of construction and demolition waste during the clean-up days.

Have bulky waste collectedAre you unable to take part in the clean-up day in your neighbourhood? Have your bulky waste collected for free. You need to make an appointment. Read more on the page Collection of bulky waste and garden waste.

Secondhand shopsYou can also give your old items to the many secondhand shops. They pick up your old items from your home for free.

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