Together with the disappearance of the mouth mask obligation in public transport, the taxi and the coach, on in March the corona protocols for healthcare transport and taxi will also be cancelled. This has been decided by the social partners FNV, CNV and KNV.

Now that society is returning to normal and the effects of the virus are milder, it is necessary to follow up of the detailed instructions in the protocols ‘Consumer taxi’, ‘Care transport’ and ‘Pupil transport’ no longer necessary.

However, extra attention and alertness remains necessary when transporting people from vulnerable groups. RIVM has drawn up general advice for this. For the transport of covid patients, the RIVM guidelines for necessary seated transport of people with covid remain -03 in position. The advice to use basic rules such as washing hands and testing in the event of complaints remains in effect. See also the ‘4703 Guide to abolishing protocols ‘ of the sector partners FNV, CNV and KNV. In it you can find which advice still needs to be taken into account.



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