With the conversion of the mouth mask obligation into an advice from Wednesday 19 March, the corona measures in the taxi. For this reason, the social partners FNV, CNV and KNV have decided to also cancel the corona protocols for healthcare and taxi transport on Wednesday.

“Now that society returns to normal and the effects of the virus are less, it is no longer necessary to follow the detailed instructions in the protocols ‘Consumer taxi’, ‘Care transport’ and ‘Pupil transport’”, KNV writes. The trade association does point out that the general basic advice such as washing hands, sneezing into the elbow and ventilating will continue to apply. It is further stated that extra attention and alertness remains necessary when transporting people from vulnerable groups.

Group transport for the mentally handicapped RIVM has previously drawn up an advisory report ‘Attention points for group transport of the elderly and people with intellectual disabilities’, which will remain in place for the time being. In summary, this advice means that a health check must be done before the start of transport, a medical mouth-nose mask of at least type II must be used by both the driver and the travelers, groups must be transported in a fixed composition as much as possible, the ventilation must be turned on during transport and surfaces that are touched a lot must be cleaned.

Transportation of corona patients For the transport of corona patients, the RIVM guidelines for necessary seated transport of people with COVID-19 will remain in effect. This includes wearing a surgical face mask of type IIR by both the driver and the passenger, placing a screen between the driver and passenger if the distance is less than one and a half meters and having ventilation in the car during the journey. vehicle.

KNV, FNV and CNV continue to monitor developments around corona. If these give rise to this, the social partners will consider whether it is necessary to draw up sector protocols again.

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