Director Casper Vandeputte (36) and choreographer Justin de Jager (18) worked on a theater and dance performance about love last year. What exactly is love and why is it so important to us? Do we really need love, or have we talked ourselves into it? Justin and Casper went in search of the answers to these questions in the performance What is love, a performance by the Utrecht companies Theater Utrecht and DOX. This can be seen on Thursday 24 March in the Koninklijke Schouwburg in The Hague. In this article they lift a corner of the veil.

Director and writer Casper Vandeputte makes outspoken performances in which he searches for fiery emotion, humor and emotion. He had been toying with the idea of ​​making a performance about love for a while. “Love is the most important thing in life for almost everyone. But do we actually know what love is? During this performance, we will explore this question together. Sometimes you cannot express love with words, which is why we have also incorporated dance into the piece.”

Dance, music and text

Justin de Jager is a choreographer. He is quickly making a name for himself in the dance world and is specialized in ‘

threading and tracing

‘ originating from breakdance. “

Threading and tracing

is originally from hip-hop,” Justin says. “It is a way of dancing in which a body part is touched, which creates an opening of body parts. The next dancer then goes through this again with a body part, creating a new touch. This is how it repeats itself continuously. Love often starts with a touch, which is why this dance form is so appropriate.”

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Trailer What is love

Pianist Victor Lange plays the piano live during the performance. “He doesn’t just play classical music,” Casper reveals. “There are a lot of microphones above the piano that can convert the music into different types of music. Suddenly you hear electronic and dance music coming out of the piano. We adapt the music to the scenes of the performance.”

Casper wrote a new text for the performance, in which philosophy, psychology and humor tumble over each other. He was inspired for What is love by Esther Perel. “She is a Belgian American psychotherapist who makes a 672373454 podcast about the problems couples face. With every couple that comes up, you get the impression that their problems have nothing to do with yours. But suddenly it becomes recognizable and you think: that’s exactly what I have! These kinds of problems or conflicts are reflected in the performance. We do this in the form of separate scenes. That way you get to know a new form of love in every scene.”

How it started

Casper and Justin knew each other before working together on What is love not yet. “I saw some videos of Justin passing by at DOX (the maker’s platform for theatre, urban arts, young people and all (sub)cultures of today). He danced with a woman to very beautiful piano music. That’s when I knew I wanted to work with him.” Justin was also excited about collaborating with Casper. “Casper has given me all the freedom to do what I wanted. Then I am at my best.”

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Together with a group of multi-talented people – from young to old – Casper and Justin make love. Inspired by their own experiences, the oldest religions and the latest scientific insights, they try to understand love. There are many elements in the performance that will surprise you, according to Casper. “Especially one of the last scenes caught me by surprise. The players perform a very simple movement where they grab and release each other. This is where the comprehensive, complex and fast partner work really comes into its own. It’s so nice to see that everyone has a certain influence on the piece.”

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Meaning of love

Justin and Casper hope that love takes on a new meaning. “Perhaps the word love will soon make way for something else, establishing a connection, for example. Love is too small a word for what it covers. Love touches you in many ways. This way you can feel love for your loved ones, the world or just a movement or touch. Above all, let’s all look for what love means and let’s never stop talking about it.”

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