A man who offered illegal taxi transport in 2019 received a penalty payment of 5.750 imposed in euros. Although he committed the same offense barely a month later, he refused to pay the penalty and appealed. However, this did not turn out to be a success.

The Municipal Executive of Amsterdam has announced on 12 December 2019 imposed this penalty for every time the man offered taxi transport without a license. The maximum amount was set at 23.27 euros. On January 8 2019 he was again caught illegally offering taxi transport. Shortly afterwards, a supervisor prepared a report of findings and informed the man by letter that he had to pay the penalty for 23 February 2019.

However, the man did not do this within this period, after which the amount on 10 March 2020 was recovered. He objected to this, arguing that he did not offer taxi transport at the beginning of January. Also, the report of findings would be incorrect. He stated that he was waiting for a customer who had ordered a ride from him and that he was not recognizable as a taxi, because he had a blank skylight.

Blue license plate In addition to the fact that the man had a roof light, the report of findings also stated that his car had a blue number plate. He did not dispute this. In the opinion of the Board, carrying a blue number plate and a blank, burning skylight is characteristic enough to recognize the man’s car as a taxi. The Board has therefore ruled that the man acted in violation of the rules and that the penalty was therefore rightly imposed.

Income lost due to corona The man has still made the request to moderate the amount of the penalty. He is a student and because his income was lost due to corona, he had to borrow more for his studies. To substantiate this, he submitted a number of documents containing information about his student grant and a document about a payment arrangement made with the municipality of Amsterdam. This information was really insufficient by the judge to get a complete overview of his financial situation. It has not become sufficiently plausible that he is unable to pay the penalty. It also plays a role that he may also pay the amount in instalments.

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