You don’t have to travel far at all to discover all the cultures of the world. You can find most of them here in The Hague. You could almost travel the world in your own city. And that is exactly what you need on Saturday 19 March. You can look inside 63 organizations of a hip hop center to synagogue. There are also dance workshops and exhibitions.

The ‘World Trip’ starts Saturday at .00 hour on the corner of Grote Marktstraat and Spui . You can pick up the program booklet there. Then you can plan your own route. You can also view the program booklet online


There is a lot to do

The Hague has many religions and beliefs. This is your chance to see a synagogue, Hindu temple, mosque and church. You can also visit the hip-hop center in The Hague, participate in a Bollywood dance workshop or taste Surinamese snacks at the Eekta foundation.

The Historical Museum also opens its doors on Saturdays, there are exhibitions at the art academy and furthermore you can take a look at various places in China Town such as Hong Kong nail studio and restaurant Woeng Kee.

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Look inside a former coffee warehouse from 63

A monumental house at the Noordeinde with access to the palace garden, that is something that we can only of…

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