On Saturday morning, March 4, we were rudely awakened by an NL-Alert. There was a big fire at the Binckhorst. The yard of the De Haas family, with more than 130 boats, burned down completely. “It’s more than just a place to store your boat, it’s a kind of community center,” said Monica Vos, one of the customers.

Customers and family members of De Haas have immediately started a collection

to get something back as soon as possible. to set up. “Older boat enthusiasts and also disabled people from the neighborhood helped with the boats every day, so something has to come for them soon.”

De Haas

The family business, behind the Fokker Terminal on the Binckhorst, has been around for more than years. They now have a large clientele.

Monica has had a boat at the wharf for five years and she lives within walking distance just across the border in Rijswijk. The first three years she was busy restoring the boat.

“People are always busy on site. Whether you have a luxury yacht or a sloop. Everyone helps each other. Elderly people from the neighborhood come several days a week to help others. Once a week they bring fish to enjoy together and then the work done is immediately discussed.”


Just as the sailing season starts again, the yard has completely burned down. “We were to launch our boat in two weeks. There’s nothing left. Of course there is money from the insurance, but that will take a while. We want to set up something as soon as possible, especially for the people who come here almost every day.”

Do you want to support De Haas? you can do this via steunactie.nl.

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