Fortunately, the weather has been nice the past few days and we were able to cycle to work, because the petrol is almost unaffordable! Do you have to hit the road? Check here where in The Hague you pay the least for a liter of fuel.

According to UnitedConsumers, we have peaked and the price of gasoline is falling at the end of the week with 1 euro cent. The price of diesel continues to rise.

Fuel prices

The average price for a liter of petrol (Euro95) was 2 last week,23 euros and for a liter of Diesel you pay 1 ,63 euros. For comparison: last year the average price per liter of petrol in the same month was still 1.73 euros.

Refueling along the highway

Hoera! Here in The Hague it’s almost a fair and this is something to experience


The beach season has started so the barriers are back

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