At the very beginning of the Noorderstrand on Scheveningen, near the harbor, beach bar ‘Aan de koot’ opens. “No difficult frills or complicated drinks. A beach bar like this is intended, where you can eat, drink and dance.”

At the pastern, wink to the côte d’azur, opens 12 March as a pop-up. It will be a regular thing next year. It is not only a beach bar, there will also be a pop stage, where there are regular performances.

Aan de Koot

Joep de Bruin, Steven Visser, Floris Groeneveld and Sander Peters are the initiators: “This will be a great beach bar without frills.” The program includes parties such as ‘Back To Then’ and ‘Happy Feelings’. There will also be movie nights, dinner events and children’s activities.

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